How to take advantage of important dates to sell more in retail?

In the retail world there are dates that generate more demand from people, therefore, higher sales. This happens on Halloween, Christmas, national holidays, etc. These are opportunities for brands not only to increase their revenues, but also to build customer loyalty. And to do so, strategic actions must be developed... which ones? Here are some ideas:    

Strategic planning 

To start making a plan you have to choose the important dates on which you want to promote your products. Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Black Friday, are some of the events in which you can develop promotions and marketing.    

Offers and promotions 

Discounts are key to attract people, but also other benefits such as free gifts, free shipping or special packages.  

Announce these promotions in advance to generate buzz and make sure they are clearly visible in your store and online. 


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Digital marketing  

Just like physical actions to promote products, digital marketing is also key. For this, you can leverage social networks, email to send newsletters and online advertising to reach your audience and communicate information about your brand. In addition, it is important to create content related to the season, to attract consumers.   

User experience 

If you sell your products online, you must have your website optimized to deliver the best user experience. It is key that the platform is easy to navigate, the payment processes are easy.    

Long-term relationships 

Promotions will not only serve to sell more, but also to make your brand more known and those users will become permanent customers.    

Inventory management 

This point is critical to meet the demand that will result from promotions. To avoid losing sales, avoid running out of stock of popular products by constantly monitoring inventory and adjusting levels as needed.  

One way to track the performance of your products in retail, is using technology like the one we offer in Datamind. With our Business Intelligence services you can analyze and detect opportunities to reverse or avoid lost sales. And then apply those actions in the field through our Taskmanager tool.  


Learn more about our services and success stories by contacting one of our executives. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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