What key figures do brands entering retail encounter? 

Starting to sell products in retail is a great opportunity, since it will be possible to reach a larger audience, which will mean greater brand presence and increased sales. But joining this world is not so simple, because in addition to taking care of customers, brands must establish relationships with various key players in the industry so that everything works optimally.     

In this article we want to analyze and define the key characters in retail so that you can identify them if you are going into retail.     

  • Category managers:  

They are responsible for selecting and managing the products in a given category. It is essential that brands have good communication with this manager to work together to ensure that the items are in the right location to receive the right attention.

  • Logistics and transportation:  

Suppliers in this area will be key to getting products to showrooms on time and in optimal condition. So you don't stop selling.


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  • Room managers:  

Meet the people in charge of the showrooms where your products are displayed. They coordinate and supervise the activities carried out in the stores, set sales objectives and performance goals, and are responsible for inventory management in the showrooms.

  • Marketing: Retail has a marketing team in charge at the point of sale (POP), which is responsible for the promotion and products in the physical world. And also to carry out actions in the online world.

  • Stockers: They are key players for the performance of your product in the store. They are in charge of placing your products correctly so that they are visible and attractive to the end customer. They handle day-to-day information, which is key for you to know the performance of your product.

  • Data analysis services: While the information provided by the stockers is important, the data provided by the retailer is also key. And since we know that you don't have the time to analyze them daily, you need to rely on technology providers such as Datamind, which integrates your B2B portal into a platform. That way you can know the information of your products in rooms and optimize decision making to avoid lost sales, shrinkage and continue to deliver a great service to the end customer.


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