Business Intelligence

Dig deeper into data, uncover hidden insights and elevate your retail strategy to unprecedented levels.

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Impact on the Supply Chain

Optimizes the relationship between suppliers and retailers, generating a more efficient and profitable ecosystem.

The implementation of our BI benefits all stakeholders, creating an environment of collaboration and growth.

Unmatched Data Quality

With advanced scraping technologies, we guarantee the integrity and reliability of each data, enabling more informed decisions.

Data history of up to 15 days, providing valuable retrospective analysis to identify trends and anomalies.

Information Consolidation

Extracts and unifies data from multiple sources, including B2B portals and distributors, creating a homogeneous database.

Seamless integration with common formats such as Excel or CSV, providing an accurate overview of your business.

Adaptable to your needs

The software is customizable and can be adjusted to different environments and specific requirements, ensuring that each customer gets what they really need.

Ability to integrate with external systems and databases for more robust and contextual analysis.

After Sales Service and Customer Success

We don't just offer you a technological solution; we make sure you get the most out of it. Our after-sales team is always available to answer your questions and help you in any aspect related to the software.

Improved Quality of Life for Users

By digitizing processes that were previously manual, it improves efficiency and quality of life for users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our Business Intelligence product

We are talking about consolidating sales and stock information, as a service to process the different sources (B2B portals, files, SFTP, API), in a single platform, so that you can analyze it, group it, select it in the way you need for its correct reading and use.

The processes of homologation, cataloging and reprocessing that we promote in our clients, allow us to offer a high standard in historical records, our alerts and main KPI'S.

Our BI product promotes an optimized supply chain. By providing accurate and timely information, it facilitates collaboration between suppliers and retailers. This translates into tighter inventories, better response to market demand, and, ultimately, more satisfied customers. By optimizing the supply chain, mutual benefits are generated, creating a win-win effect for all parties involved.

Beyond offering you a technological solution, we are committed to being your partner on the road to success. Our after-sales service stands out for its dedication, active listening and adaptability. Each client is unique, and that is why we work hand in hand, adapting and refining the tools according to their needs. We not only solve doubts, but we actively look for ways to maximize the value you get from our product.

The key to improvement and growth is the ability to measure and evaluate performance. With our BI product, you will have access to real-time dashboards and reports that give you deep insights into your business performance. This allows you to identify areas for improvement, adjust strategies and set goals that are more aligned with market realities.

Absolutely. Our BI product is versatile and allows you to integrate data from external sources, such as market research, industry statistics or any other relevant source. This integration capability gives you an expanded perspective and allows you to make informed decisions based on a richer and more complete data set.

Your data is your most valuable asset. That's why we employ state-of-the-art security protocols to ensure their protection. From information encryption to breach prevention measures, we ensure that your data is safeguarded and protected against any threat. At the same time, we are partners with Microsoft AZURE, which allows us to go beyond the same security levels they use.

Not at all. Our product has been designed with usability in mind. Whether you are an expert in technology or just taking your first steps, you will find a friendly and intuitive interface. In addition, we offer training and ongoing support to ensure that every user can get the most out of all the features.

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