Marley Coffee and Digital Transformation with Datamind

Marley Coffee faced the challenge of modernizing and optimizing its retail operations. The company was seeking not only to better understand its sales channels and improve communication with its partners, but also to digitize your processes at the point of sale to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The challenge:

In a competitive market like coffee, where customer experience and operational efficiency are crucial, Marley Coffee needed a solution that would allow them to not only capture sales opportunities, but also improve management and execution at their points of sale.

The solution:

The integration of Datamind BI at Marley Coffee was a game changer. This tool allowed the company to deeply analyze the different sales channels and uncover previously hidden opportunities. But the real qualitative leap came with the implementation of Datamind Taskmanager, which became the eyes of the company at each point of sale. This tool not only helped identify opportunities detected by Datamind BI, but also facilitated the digitization of the point of sale, improving the visits of the stockers and transforming their perception of their work from a supervised task to an empowered and efficient experience.


Marley Coffee experienced improved execution of sales strategies and increased employee and customer satisfaction. Point-of-sale digitization enabled the company to quickly adapt to changing consumer preferences, a crucial aspect in the dynamic coffee market. In addition, improved operational efficiency translated into increased sales and a more consistent and enjoyable customer experience.