Soprole: Successful Transformation with Datamind and Taskmanager

At SOPROLE management identified two main problems: a high lost sales rate and an inefficient inventory replenishment cycle.

The challenge:

The challenges were twofold: 17% lost sales and a 12-day product replenishment time that prevented maximum utilization of market opportunities. These factors not only affected direct sales, but also the product's category share in the market.

The solution:

Datamind 's implementation at Soprole marked a turning point. Through detailed analysis and supply chain optimization, Datamind helped improve the availability of Soprole's products on the shelves. In addition, with the Datamind Taskmanager tool, greater synchronization and guidance for the field team was achieved, transforming their visits from supervised routines to supported and efficient work experiences.


This restructuring and digitization led to remarkable results:
  • Lost sales were reduced to 2.5% and remained stable over time.
  • In the first six months after the implementation of the solutions, sales increased by 8%.
  • The product category saw a 5 percentage point increase in sales.
  • The inventory replenishment cycle was significantly reduced from 12 days to 3 days.
It was shown that with the help of DATAMIND and the right strategies, it is possible to overcome operational/commercial challenges and set new industry standards. These achievements not only reflect success in terms of numbers, but also in the improvement of internal processes and field team satisfaction. The ability to DATAMIND to connect teams, optimize processes and improve decision making has set a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness at the point of sale, benefiting both Soprole and its consumers.