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"At Datamind, we offer a cutting-edge solution to optimize data management and analysis in the retail industry in Latin America. Learn in detail how we can help your business improve efficiency and increase sales."

Business Intelligence

System for extraction, consolidation, analysis and reporting of sales and inventory information available in the B2B portals of retail chains.


Mobile tool that allows work teams to monitor and resolve problems in real time at the POS. With automated tasks and follow-up tickets.

Data origins

Take advantage of Datamind's seamless integration with the various market portals from where we extract and process essential information, from sales to market trends. Get accurate data to make informed decisions and succeed in retail.

Successful Transformation with Datamind and Taskmanager

Discover how we transform the lost sales strategy, redefining the way in which point-of-sale execution is approached.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about our services

Our charging method is fair and tailor-made. We like our clients to develop our methodology and, based on its implementation, adjust the rate.

No, we have plans that adapt to the size and structure of each company. Whether with or without merchandisers, the same for the case of shared replenishment or merchandising agencies. At the time of quotation we will present you with alternatives and a development plan that will allow you to opt for the best price.

Yes, we have a plan that allows us to consolidate sales and stock, under a simple and friendly look. Since SMEs in general have a multitask structure, we have summaries and alerts that speed up the detection of opportunities and optimize decision making.

They are updated in parallel to the update of the B2B portals you want to integrate, the same happens with the integration by files and if more than one update per day is required, it is something to be agreed with each client.

The download of historical data is obtained within 72 hours (even 24 hours), depending on each B2B portal. After that, master data for locations and products are agreed upon. Users are trained and in less than a week, customers can be using the platform. Of course, these deadlines are subject to the size of each company.

Yes, as many as needed and at no additional cost.

When you contract our SaaS, you will have an executive assigned to accompany you not only at the beginning or implementation, but also to support you in the elaboration and execution of the development plan of our service during the entire period of the contract, he/she will be your ally!

If you have any questions or problems with your service you can write to our email [email protected]

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